Media Assets


The Moralis Academy logo can be used in it’s positive version when used over white and light backgrounds.

For dark backgrounds, use the negative version.

Logo Full Color Positive
Logo Full Color Negative
Logo Full Color Negative
Logo Full Color Positive


The symbol will be used when there are space limitations and to avoid redundancy when the brand is already visible in the design.

It can be used over light or dark backgrounds.


Moralis’ color palette is composed by two main colors.

It all starts with our deep blue and secondary tones that follow the same theme, plus an accent Emerald green.

These two main colors are paired with different shades of cool greys for use in backgrounds and other essential elements.

Royal Blue#041836
Sky Blue#2E7DAF
Secondary Lite
Light Sky Blue#49B6C8
Emerald Green#21BF96
Grey 01
Grey 02
Grey 03
Grey 03

Nunito Sans Black

Nunito Sans Extra Bold

Nunito Sans Semi Bold

Nunito Sans Regular


We use the open-source Google font Nunito Sans

You can download it for free and use to compliment any collateral created for the Moralis Academy brand


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